Thursday, December 5, 2013


Ever had that feeling that if you could just get A, B, and C in order then the entire alphabet would fall in line and the song would be way more manageable, except it's all so jumbled that you can't even bring yourself to start any of it?  That's how I am and have been feeling for weeks. 

For me, it's the housework that is always my undoing, starting with the kitchen. If the dishes are done, it always makes me want to keep them caught up, cook meals and be more creative in the kitchen. So for a few days, I will bust my hump trying to wash every dish after it's used and put everything away the second I'm done with it. This makes me feel amazing, and feeling amazing makes keeping the rest of the house picked up so much easier for some reason. And when the house looks nice, I'm more apt to plan fun activities for the kids, pay the bills in a timely fashion, keep up with the laundry and take on other organizing projects in the house that actually make a noticeable difference in how things work. Aaah.. harmony is humming from the radiators. 

But then I get annoyed that every time I walk into the kitchen, there are random dirty dishes in the sink that I didn't put there (ya know, cuz I'm on top of my game), the loaf of bread sitting out on the counter surrounded by crumbs, the peanut butter jar and a gunky knife, or even a couple of k-cups either not thrown out or still full of old grinds that just needed to be dumped and rinsed. And for a week or so, I just take care of these things, even though I feel like teamwork would have prevented me from having that lil pang of bitterness that creeps up in these instances. 

Then three days later, I walk in and toss my plate in the sink, just knowing that someone would return the favors I had been doing for that last few days. But nope.. they sit there, and are quickly joined by more of the same, until pretty soon there is no more counter space (pet peeve of mine in my tiny kitchen) and I'm the one leaving the loaf of bread and peanut butter out, on the table this time, because that's the only space I had to make the boring lunch it became. So now the dishes are out of control, and a recurring bullet point on my to-do list. Day.. after day.. after day. 

Judge if you must, but this is just something I have learned about myself and have come to accept.. with all things housework, my husband and I are just a lazy team. 

At this point, all I can muster the energy to do is all sorts of list making, social media updating, new blog planning, small, inconsequential organization projects that only I care about, online research.. anything to put off those darn dishes. I feel overwhelmed and it starts to seep over into the other to-do's and pretty soon the bills are behind and the house is a cluttered disaster and my kids are bored out of their gourds. The guilt sets in and only makes me want to sit and feel bad for sitting. But if I get up, I'm going to have to face the mess that has become my existence (yes, for now we are still talking about household and day to day tasks, not necessarily life in general lol). 

So yeah.. I'll just sit here and ignore it all. At some point, something will entice me to get with the program and get 'er done. (More like someone will say they are coming to visit and I will be FORCED to do something about it all. Needs to happen more often, I think, as this has always been my biggest motivator. 

That said.. Anyone wanna come over for coffee? ;) 

And there you have it.. welcome to my new blog, evidence of another block time well-spent (not doing the dishes!). A place of procrastination, self-amusement, journalling, documenting and picture/story sharing. Hopefully it will also be a place to reflect and then improve on the things that make me less than the awesome person I claim to be :) 

Oh yeah, and maybe a place that someone, anyone, might enjoy stopping by to take a peek at the life of a manic momma taking life by the hands.. day by day, minute by minute.. blog post by blog post.

No, this is not a pic of MY dirty dishes.. they wouldn't fit in the frame ;)
Are there any responsibilities that you consistently find yourself ignoring day after day after day, or do you have any suggestions on how to make yourself do the things you just don't wanna do?  

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