Thursday, December 26, 2013

Polish of the Moment

Welcome to a recurring post that you will see on this blog.. Polish of the Moment!  This is just a way for me to not only show off my current nail polish look and also to have a picture file of all of the looks I've done so if I'm ever lacking the creativity to come up with a new look, I can go back and choose one of my old ones. Some will be awesome, some will be.. not awesome.  But I will post them all :)

The last couple of weeks have been super-busy and exhausting, so my nails have taken a back seat to the rest of the holiday to-do's.  What? Naked nails? Gasp!  I know painting your nails may not be something on everyone's priority list, but for me, it most often is.  It's a relaxing activity I can do after The Girl and The Boy are in bed for the night and it gives me something pretty to look at all throughout the day for the next week or so.  Gives me an outlet for my color-pairing and nail art creativity, too.  

So you can imagine how I felt spending the holiday with naked nails.. just not the same.  Especially since I had purchased a few new polishes last month specifically for the holiday.  Clearly I survived not having pretty nails for Christmas, but in order to feel like I didn't totally miss out on the possibilities, I decided to spend the morning of my first 'down day' painting a look that I would have chosen to use.  And really.. I do not discriminate when it comes to holiday wear.  My sister said it best when she learned that I used a Halloween bib she bought The Girl for an entire year, despite her vision of it being for that year's Halloween holiday only.  Her quote: "Jennifer knows no seasonal boundaries!".. I try my hardest to live up to that quote always, but dressing my kids in their holiday jammies and shirts all throughout the year.  Afterall, why would I waste clothing that fits just fine just because the holiday is long gone :)  I'm sure you will see examples of this throughout my posts to come.

Ok, back to the nails.  This is a very simple design that took me very little time, aside from the time it took trying to open the brand new bottles of polish.. not sure why they were basically glued shut, but thank goodness for my Pampered Chef Jar Opener!  (That thing has helped me open jars a bazillion times throughout the years.. great for anyone with weak hands or arthritis, like me.)

Started with a base coat (Sally Hansen Hard As Nails Hard As Wraps Powerful Acrylic Gel), then one coat of Sinful Colors Out of this World #842 followed by one coat of Sinful Colors Holiday Rebel #1382 and I sealed the design using wet n wild's Wild Shine Clear Nail Protector #401A.  Simple and subtle yet a fun pretty way to capture the holiday :)

Please nevermind the lack of manicure to my nails and cuticles before the painting was done.. I may have had time to swipe some color on, but the beautifying process takes way more time than I had this morning :)
Anyone else have a nail painting obsession---err, hobby?  I'd love to see pics and hear what polish brands and colors are your favorite!  Comment hear or tweet me @35andlifetogo :)

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