Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Whatever Wednesday: What a wolf says..

The Boy, age three, walked up to me this morning while I was catching up on some blog reading and said "Mommy.. this is what a 'woof' (read: wolf) says.  He then pointed his nose to the 'moon' (ceiling) and belted out the cutest lil 'howooooo' (read: howl) you've ever heard, complete with eyes squeezed shut for full energy and effect ;)  Of course, when I asked if we could make a video of him howling like a wolf, he agreed, but got a lil shy.  But even if the second take isn't quite as energetic as the first, it's still too stinkin' cute not to post.  Enjoy! Howooooooooooooo!

Have any cute videos of your kiddos (or pets) you want to share?  Feel free to link in the comments or at any of my social medias listed in the sidebar (i.e. twitter, instagram or tumblr.. all id's are 35andlifetogo)!  Gotta love sharing some cuteness to brighten everyone's day, right? :)

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