Sunday, January 5, 2014

For the love of January

I was recently watching a YouTube video on's channel about one of their regular posters' 'Crush on January', although it really was more about how she is talking herself into not hating January.  As I was commenting on the video about all the things I don't dislike about January, I realized that I might actually have a crush on January myself.  Here are a few of the reasons for my crush..

  • I don't really hate winter anymore, and besides the inconveniences of taking two small children out in the snow, I rather like it.  The cold temps that seem to cleanse my body of all the cabin fever toxins, the fat squirrels digging around for the fall stash, snuggling up in scarves and mittens and boots, oversized hoodies and sweaters with  jeans and leggings to stay warm, no humidity.. all things I enjoy.

  • I look forward to the end of the holiday craziness and the much-needed post-holiday recovery. 

  • Taking a look at the previous year and making mental notes of things I'd like to change and accomplish in the new year (more on that in an upcoming post).

  • That 'fresh start' feeling that comes with the new year.. the feeling of 'I can totally do this..  moving onward and upward and doing  things to improve  last year's me, even if I was pretty awesome to begin with.

So yeah, after looking at my list, I realized that I kind of *heart* January and things that come along with it.  Except for maybe the slushy snow mess and the ice.  Yeah, those things can disappear.  But otherwise, hooray for January :)

Feel free to share your feelings on the month of January below.. I feel like maybe I'm in the minority with this one, but who knows.. maybe there are more January Lovers out there than I imagine... (like this blogger here and this article here)

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