Sunday, January 5, 2014

Polish(es) of the Moment(s)

I have a couple manicures to show you this time.

The first one was on from Sunday to Wednesday before I peeled it off (I love Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Hard as Wraps to use as a base coat. Besides making my nails noticeably stronger, it makes the polish easy to peel off when instead of using liquid polish remover, which I tend to loathe. Clearly it also makes your manicure more easy to peel off when you aren't trying, so I wouldn't suggest using it if you want staying power.).

So, basecoat of Hard as Wraps, then a coat of Sinful Colors Out of this World  (#842), a coat of China Glaze Dorothy Who? (#857) and a top coat of wet n wild While Shine Clear Nail Protector (#401A).  Loved the sparkle power on this one and it was fun to pair with some sparkly blue eye shadow I had been wanting to try.

My current look is one I'm calling Picasso's Don't Look Too Close or They Lose Their Beauty Flowers.

Let's see if I can  remember the colors I used for this monstrosity manicure...

Base coat: Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Clear
Next two coats: OPI's Cute Little Vixen (HL E07)
Main flower dots (big one in the middle, six smaller ones around that.. dot, then drag from small to center with a toothpick or small dotter): Nicole by OPI's I Do De-Claire (NI F02.. from the Modern Family Collection)
Top middle dot (dragged outwards toward small dots): Sinful Colors Out of this World  (#842)

The very first flower (on my right thumb) turned out the best and the others kind of got gloppy and messy, but really, if you just glance at them, I think they look pretty.

And there you go.. two looks that I rather enjoy and worthy of being in the 'use again' vault.


  1. Love them, good job!!

  2. very cute! Love the flowers. Fun that you started a new blog! I finally have a few min here to go through and read your posts. I'm terrible at keeping up with other blogs (but trying to get better at it). Will follow you on bloglovin' etc...

  3. thanks! i'm not all that great with keeping up either one, but i am also trying to get better :) thanks for following! your's is probably the blog i've followed the longest.. since the S'nB days!