Friday, January 3, 2014

What's In My Mug?

I am a coffee and tea fanatic.. I love drinking it, trying new flavors/types, collecting a variety of it, talking about it, photographing it.. basically obsessing over it.

Another recurring post that you may see here is a What's In My Mug? post.  Probably a short and sweet entry telling you what's in my mug (I also obsess over mugs.. see above for a description of obsess) that particular day, or talking about a certain tea or coffee that I've really been into lately, etc.

Today's choice is a tea by Good Earth called Original Sweet and Spicy.

It is the perfect tea for a day when I'm feeling like chilled-to-the-bone crappy garbage (thank you asthmatic lungs, for this round of probably asthmatic bronchitis).. it's the kind of tea that warms you straight to the soul and continues the warming long after the mug is empty.  I bought it awhile back and when I tried it over the summer, it  was too spicy/warming for me on the hot hot days.  But I knew it would be absolutely perfect for the cold Cleveland winter months and I was right!  Now I did notice at my local health food store a box of Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Tea that didn't say 'Original' but I think maybe it's just a redesign on the box.  I sure hope it's just as good as the one I have now because I see this one is going to be a wintertime favorite for sure.

And how could I not mention the mug and 'friend' on the rim?  That adorable elephant mug is from World Market and his lil rubbery friend on the rim is an adorable snail that you clip on the rim of your mug and wrap the string to your teabag around so it doesn't fall in.  Someone sent me a set of the snails last year anonymously and I still haven't figured out who it was, although I have my suspicions ;) Regardless of who it was, I LOVE LOVE LOVE those lil guys and use them all the time, so THANK YOU!

What's your favorite tea to drink during the winter? Any cool mugs to share pics of?  Tweet me at @knitwitgirly or leave it in the comments below!


  1. I'm in the process of finding a new 'favourite' mug. I have an oversized one with Tinkerbell on it, that I love, but we have a Keurig and it doesn't fit :( Though I'm not overly happy with the tea selections for I'll probably be sticking to bagged or loose tea. Happy sipping!

    1. i love the elephant from world market and love even more that he was only around $8ish dollars. not sure if they ship to CA, though. i am obsessed with mugs.. have to stop myself from buying one from every store i shop in, every time i shop there lol