Friday, January 3, 2014

Oooh.. shiny!

I swear I have multiple posts started for this blog.  Ideas jotted down everywhere and posts saved in drafts.  But somehow, whenever I sit down to finish one, my ADD says 'let's screw with Jennifer so she never accomplishes ANYTHING bwahahaha!'.

So today's distraction is Pinterest.  I took a few pics for some more blog post ideas and sat down to finish the ones I started and start the ones I've thought of.  Feeling all motivated and determined and stuff.

Sat down at the laptop with my cup of tea during the silence of naptime and realized that I had left a Pinterest search open on my browser, so I figured I better finish it up, and then to blogging.  Except that Pinterest is the anti-christ for someone suffering from ADD, let me tell ya. I of course stumble across twenty off-topic pins, decide that I need to create a new board for all of my new finds, and then decide that I can't leave a board with only a few a couple dozen pins and continue to search for more, getting off track once or twice a bajillion times along the way.  Blogging schmogging, these pins rock!

And there you have it.. today's blog post brought to you in part by ADD and by Pinterest.  Back to regularly scheduled posting soon one of these days :)

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